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        QJQ Architecture

        Projects / Residential / Magheramore Dwelling


        Gulladuff Hill, Magherafelt

        Design Team

        Frank O’Kane (Design)

        Orin Quigg (Planning)

        Jane Leadon (Engineer)

        Kelly & Co. (Energy Consultants)

        Architectual Services

        • Concept Design
        • Sketch Design
        • 3D Modelling
        • Architectural Rendering
        • Planning Submission
        • Technical Design
        • Building Control Submission

        Privacy with views - a simple yet difficult brief to fulfil. With this dwelling the need to be sheltered from close neighbours yet allow for the full exploitation of views was paramount. This one-and-a-half storey dwelling makes excellent use of natural light by expanding upon the desired open plan living brief and the scheme was enhanced by the specification of local materials in the form of slate stone rampart walls. The use of large expanses of glazing effectively met the ‘privacy with views’ brief.