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        QJQ Architecture

        Projects / Residential / Ballyvester Dwelling


        Ballyvester Road, Donaghadee

        Design Team

        Frank O’Kane (Design)

        Orin Quigg (Planning)

        Jane Leadon (Engineer)

        EBSNI (Energy Consultants)

        Architectual Services

        • Concept Design
        • Sketch Design
        • 3D Modelling
        • Architectural Rendering
        • Planning Submission
        • Technical Design
        • Building Control Submission

        This projects brief specifies a large number of elements for a relatively compact available floor area, budgetary constraints has meant exacting a design that makes efficient use of space yet allows for the production of an exciting piece of rural architecture. The integration of the exterior landscape was an essential part of the brief and the ability to ingrate landscape design into the project was an interesting challenge for the designers here at OJQ.