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        QJQ Architecture

        Projects / Residential / Ballylame Dwelling


        Ballylame Road, Garvagh

        Design Team

        Orin Quigg

        Orin Quigg (Design)

        Frank O’Kane (Technical Design)

        Ambrose McCloskey (Engineer)

        Kelly & Co. (Energy Consultants)

        Architectual Services

        • Concept Design
        • Sketch Design
        • 3D Modelling
        • Architectural Rendering
        • Planning Submission
        • Technical Design
        • Building Control Submission

        This dwelling is situated on a prominent site that with rambling views across the county’s rich and powerful landscape. The contemporary rural architecture of the project allows for a reflection of this without overwhelming its context.

        The design sought to challenge the preconceived notions of traditional rural architecture, by using in a contemporary way a simple palette of materials that echo the past to create a modern family home in a rural setting. Exploring the views from the site and allowing for a mixture of scales through the massing of the form allows the building to sit comfortably within its context.