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        QJQ Architecture

        Projects / Extensions / Lisburn Road Extension


        Lisburn Road, Belfast

        Design Team

        Frank O’Kane (Design)

        Orin Quigg (Planning Supervisor)

        Jane Leadon (Engineer)

        EBSNI (Energy Consultants)

        Architectual Services

        • Concept Design
        • Sketch Design
        • 3D Modelling
        • Planning Submission
        • Technical Design
        • Building Control Submission
        • Tender Documentation
        • Contract Administration
        • Site Supervision

        This extension had the need to blend with the existing 1930’s structure in a seamless way and have minimal impact upon the character of the house as a whole. Located in the Malone conservation area of Belfast the design of the extension reflects the main house in its styling, with low pitch hipped rosemary tiled roofs and oversized soffits, while also creating an extension built to modern standards of construction. The project overall delivers an extended kitchen as well as utility, bathroom, recreation room and an extended master suite. The addition allows for maximum comfort and enjoyment of this pre-war detached home.